Lib Dem Borough Councillors fund environmental improvement works at Chells Manor Pond

11 Jan 2022

The work includes removing silt, which provides better conditions for some plants and animals while leaving sufficient silt to encourage others. This will improve biodiversity and also increase the capacity of the pond. Some debris will also be removed.

Councillor Parker said “Thanks to SBC officers for organising this following my discussions with them earlier this year. Also thanks to the contractors, Andy Gardner Specialist Tree Care and Landscapes of Walkern, for carrying out the requested work.”

Councillor McGuinness added “We have decided to fund work at Chells Manor Pond each year for several years now and we are pleased that our local budgets are having an increasingly positive effect on the environment there.”

The photo shows (left to right) Councillors Andy McGuinness, Robin Parker and Graham Snell visiting the recent improvements.