Six defibrillators are now operational in Chells and Manor wards

12 Aug 2021

These defibrillators have been organised by Lib Dem Councillors Julie Ashley-Wren, Stephen Booth, Andy McGuinness, Robin Parker, Graham Snell and Tom Wren, and were funded from their local budgets.

Robin Parker said, “There has been a lot of work involved and it has taken about 3 years to complete this stage with our project. Many thanks to the officers at Stevenage Council for their enormous help in bringing this project to fruition.

Safety of residents has always been a major consideration of the Lib Dem group and the defibrillators are one more example of that concern in action.

These defibrillators can be found at:

  • Entrance to Chells Manor Community Centre, Emperor's Gate.
  • Outside Gill's store, Mobbsbury Shops, Mobbsbury Way.
  • Entrance to Timebridge, Mobbsbury Way.
  • Outside wall of Korean restaurant, opposite Nisa, The Glebe.
  • Entrance to Chells Park Pavilion, off Gresley Way.
  • Outside Lathia Minimarket, Hepworth Court

See Google maps here.

The defibrillators are housed in bright yellow cabinets and are available at any time. They are straightforward to use:

  • Just call 999 and give the defibrillator location.
  • You will be told the access code to open the defibrillator cabinet.
  • Follow the spoken instructions from the defibrillator which can be taken to the exact place where it is needed.

Using a defibrillator on someone whose heart has stopped will enable possible life saving action to be taken before the arrival of the emergency services.

The Lib Dem councillors are also hoping to provide several defibrillators in the area to make a total of seven.