Julie Ashley-Wren

Borough Councillor for Chells Ward

Correspondence address: 3 Lancaster Close, Stevenage SG1 4RX

Email: julie.ashley-wren@stevenage.gov.uk

Phone: 07932 696065

Julie is delighted to be one of the Lib Dem councillors for Chells Ward who work together as part of our fantastic team of dedicated people: Cllr Stephen Booth, her son Cllr Tom Wren and County Councillor Robin Parker.

Julie has a strong local connection to Chells Ward, having lived there for many years and with two of her children still living in the ward. Julie first arrived in Chells from Glasgow as a three year old and she remained there for many years, bringing up her five children and teaching in local schools as a primary teacher.

Julie says, "As a school governor for 30 years and 17 years as Chair of Governors, I feel I have many skills that are transferable to the role of Councillor. My commitment to Chells is based on my desire to ensure that the children I teach and my grandchildren, grow up in a safe, pleasant and caring environment. It is essential that we protect the environment for their future and do not compromise when making choices, to make sure their futures are the best they can possibly be.